Results of 2017 and prospects for the future

Dear friends!

We summed up the results for 2017.

Over the last year our cooperation was plentiful and productive. 39 translators translated 13,000 pages of texts of varying complexity, most often from English and Italian to Russian and vice versa.

We provided translation of technical texts in the following fields:

  • agriculture 25%;
  • electrical industry 20%;
  • oil and gas industry 20%;
  • chemical industry 15%;
  • food industry 12%;
  • psychology 8%.

Our team interpreted at various events and exhibitions, last year we amassed about 430 hours of interpretation. We worked as simultaneous and consecutive interpreters:
  • at the annual agricultural exhibition “YugAgro”;
  • during regular visits of foreign specialists at the construction site at “Rosneft” construction projects;
  • providing translation support for the representatives of “Bonduelle-Kuban” company;
  • during commissioning of the “Fanagoria” wine factory;
  • and at other events.

In 2017 we carried out the company rebranding. The concept changed completely, from the title to the development of a new site. We have developed a corporate style - our unique character, color scale, and logo, reflecting the essence of our activities. Everything is worked out to the smallest detail, to the finest facets.
We have given new name to the agency – a careful and serious consideration was given when choosing right business name from three dozen options. It was not easy. We’ve put the spirit and meaning in the name.

Previously, we were called the International Translation Agency of Inna Tanchuk. The new name is the Online Translation Agency for Business “Stannum Page”, which means “Tin Page”, “Steady page”.

Tin is a polymorphic metal that changes its properties depending on the conditions of its application. This defines its uniqueness and value. In addition, it is silvery white like a mirror. Once upon a time, tin served as a coating for mirrors. Tin reflects.

So came the idea for the logo - a tin cube, the internal surfaces of which allow you to preserve the true essence of things, true reflection, the rendering of the original text without loss of meaning and properties. Also, tin is used in soldering for linking one element to another, which in our case fully reflects the purpose of the translator's work. An ability to connect and sturdiness.

With our newly found strength and positive attitude, we are ready to move forward, to open a new chapter in our translation history. In 2018 we have already agreed on cooperation with SpeakUs to perform simultaneous interpretation on a new site and under new conditions, which will help our clients to significantly reduce the cost of interpretation.

The agency plans for 2018 include participation in the largest conference of the industry in Europe “Translation Forum Russia”, access to foreign markets for translation services, participation in tenders on various electronic platforms, for which we have already received our own electronic digital signature.

In the coming year, we plan to expand our representation in social networks, maintain our own blog and prepare useful articles with practical advice on how to work with translations and translators.

Thank you for being with us. We will be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions; new contacts and customers are welcomed.

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