The work of translator is hard, sophisticated and difficult.

Translator’s job is tough, difficult and heavy. Qualities, that the professional translator should have, are acquired in the course of time, but not by everyone. Only those who want this. Many people consider work of the translator as simple and requiring only knowledge of language. Knowledge of language is a good beginning, but only the beginning. People dedicate their lives to this, because it is not possible just to open the world of languages. They dive headlong, plunge deeper and deeper. The deeper you are, the more valuable your work. There are few people who are able to do their work competently, fast and at high level of quality.

So that no one would think that translation is the most difficult work, I believe that each work is a complicated in its own way. I am sure you think that your work and efforts are underestimated, and everyone thinks so. And they are underestimated in material sense. The same situation is with our work. Translation is expensive, but quality of our servicing justifies our prices.