and Food Industry

‘Stannum Page’ Business Translation Agency

Located in Krasnodar, operating worldwide.

We are ready to offer integrated translation and interpretation service for businesses. We are specializing in complex sectoral technical and technological translation, including the area of agriculture and food industry. We are pleased to offer high-quality translations concerning:

Crop farming
Beef and dairy
cattle breeding
Poultry farming
Fertilizer production
and consumption
Seed breeding
Agricultural equipment
and technologies
Food Industry

Agriculture is the key part of the economy of Krasnodar region. There was a time when the only thing that came to mind upon hearing the word ‘agriculture’ was an image of a man on a tractor, plowing a field. That is, the knowledge was limited to a tractor, combine harvester, wheat, winter crops, and paddy fields, since rice growing was a widespread practice in the region.

Inna Tanchuk

The head of Stannum Page

From the very beginning

'In 2010, I attended YugAgro exhibition as an interpreter for the very first time. A delegation of twenty-five farmers from Canada came to visit our region, willing to get acquainted with Russian market, introduce their own technologies and find the clientele.

This was the moment when my understanding of how diverse agriculture is started to form, pushing the limits of my perception of its niceties. Those twenty-five people were representing their own farming sector each. My colleague and I were walking different members of the delegation down the pavilions, outlining main characteristics of the equipment, technologies and products offered during the presentations, introducing them to the officials of Russian companies and farm managements.

Just like that, in four days of cooperation with each of the delegates we managed to cover every crucial topic of the exhibition: agricultural equipment (tractors, combines, croppers, etc.), agronomy and cattle breeding (feeders, veterinary labs, nutrition, etc.), seed breeding and crop faming, winemaking and horticulture. By the end of the exhibition we knew the terminology word-perfect.'

That’s how we fell in love with agriculture. In 2017, almost 40% of all the translations of our agency were agriculture- and food industry-oriented. Our clientele encompasses agricultural equipment manufacturers, world-class winemakers, supermarket chains, fresh, canned and frozen food manufacturers:
— ‘Fanagoria’ Estate Winery
— Bonduelle Kuban
— Crown Cork Kuban
— Nestle Kuban
— ‘Magnit’ Retail Network
— ‘Ventura Maquinas Forestales’, agricultural machinery manufacturer

Examples of our translations are as follows

Technological documentation

  • Lab reports on seed and animal breeding
  • Recommendations for technological services and inspectorates
  • Reports for inspectorates and Control regulations
  • Instructions for climate control of horticulture and intensive animal farming
  • Manuals on automatic feeding systems in intensive animal farming
  • Manuals on packaging, sorting, and technological lines and machinery
  • Пособия для оборудования и инвентаря, используемого в сельскохозяйственной промышленности
  • Manuals on agricultural equipment and implements

Trade and Marketing papers

  • Recipes
  • Animal and human nutrition recommendations
  • Lists of ingredients
  • Stickers and packages
  • Food labels

Corporate Materials

  • General terms and conditions, contracts and corporate translations
  • Safety instructions
  • Staff manuals
  • Corporate brochures, press-realizes, correspondence
Order translation

Annual international ‘YugAgro’ exhibition will take place in November, 2018 in Krasnodar. It is the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production in Russia.

Our agency is ready to assist in your preparations and guide you through ‘YugAgro’ trade fair and other events:

  • translate your handout materials;
  • print them and put together the packages by the time of your arrival;
  • translate technical documentation and speech presentations;
  • arrange consecutive and simultaneous interpretation during the fair and negotiations.

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