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Translation of psychology-related texts by practicing psychologists and professional translators

Psychology is a science that specializes in comprehensive study of psychological activity and behaviour. Its main goal is to come to better understanding of both a person and a group of people by means of identifying common features and exploring individual cases. Psychology has been a part of education system for generations now and many textbooks and manuals require translation into different languages in order to comply with demands of the audience around the globe.

Psychology, depth analytical psychology, psychoanalysis are the studies that are still young in Russia. That’s why there aren’t many translators in this field. Psychology- and psychoanalysis-related translations are all about full immersion into the subject, as well as knowledge and understanding of some mechanisms and niceties of psychological processes.

Another intricacy of the situation is the fact that there are dozens of branches:

  • Jungian depth psychology,

  • Gestalt psychology,

  • Transactional analysis,

  • Existential psychology,

  • Art therapy,

  • Сlassical psychoanalysis,

  • French school of psychoanalysis,

  • Neuro-linguistic programming,

  • and many others.

And each of those has its own vocabulary.

As it happens, at some point I came across Jungian analysis, and since made it my second professional identity, diving deep into the subject. I completed a course on Jungian depth psychology at ROAP local center “Jung Lab” in Krasnodar, and I’m certainly going to continue. I read a lot of specialized literature, take exams and communicate with my clients. Jungian analysis is not just a branch of psychology; it’s more of a life philosophy, hence when you deal with it, you come across almost every other school of psychology.

Apart from that, I’m currently finishing my translation of the book by Thomas Moore called “The Planets Within” for “Castalia” education center. Draft of the translation can be found on “Castalia” website.

Inna Tanchuk

The head of Stannum Page

The saying goes, “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” And I am that lucky! There are not one but two jobs I love, two projects I adore, which are mine to lead and create. I chose both of those career paths myself, without pressure from my parents or other honourable adults. And I thank them dearly for that!

I’ve made a decision to work with foreign languages back when I was still in school. But at that point it was teaching English. Later on I’ve come to understand that my passion was not to teach, but to help others connect, find common ground, learn things from each other, and see another world of other people.

The choice had been predestined: Language department of Kuban State University. Successful translating and interpreting in many different areas and projects, from adoption cases to technical meetings at oil and gas companies, all in nineteen years following the university graduation.

And rather recently, only six years prior, I managed to get into Jungian analytical psychology; I got my degree in Psychology, have been running the practice ever since, and yet I still keep training for Jungian analyst. This is a never-ending process which I love deeply.

My motto is, “Always evolve!” Jungian analysis is all about constant progress; it’s about gaining knowledge about the human spirit, trying to bring people’s souls together, and helping them find common language, but in a more metaphorical sense.

If foreign languages are the signs, then Jungian psychology is the set of symbols. Waking up in the morning makes me happy, largely due to the fact that the two main needs of mine – growth and interconnection – are both realized through my work. I often think that those may be not just my needs, but missions.

Accurate translation of psychology-related texts gives researchers and practicing doctors an opportunity to have open international discussions and allows organizations and scientists all over the world to work on joint projects.

Examples of the documents being translated in order to develop psychology as a science include:

  • Textbooks
  • Manuals
  • Medical and specialized magazines
  • Clinical researches
  • Symposium materials

Our translators work with autobiographical examination essays for the students of Jungian psychology; they translate examination works for router and supervision programs, correspondence with foreign colleagues, articles, and many more.

We are ready to cooperate and help you translate psychology-related texts, because it’s not just our job, but also our passion!

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