Peculiarities of interpretation

It is a psycholinguistic process combining knowledge of languages, native and foreign, psychological attitude, and also background knowledge.

There are several types of interpretation, but we perform consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

You need simultaneous interpretation


  • Event is intended for large number of people
  • Interpretation is to be carried out simultaneously with the speaker
  • Speaker’s speech should be heard without interruptions and stops
  • There is a large number of representatives from different countries
  • Translation into several languages ​​is required

You need


  • Event is intended for a relatively small number of participants
  • Interpretation is performed when the speaker finished a sentence or any part of the speech
  • You have scheduled business negotiations or telephone conversations
  • You are going to conduct presentation, seminar or round table
  • You require linguistic support for excursions and delegations escorting

Our Competencies

  • High level of mastery in the source and target languages
  • High level of soft skills
  • Calmness and concentration
  • Quick response
  • Clear articulation
  • Developed ability to cope with stress
  • Noise and interference immunity
  • Savoir faire and delicacy
  • Strong interpersonal skills
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Romanishin Petr Evgenievich
Director General, APF Fanagoria JSC
Collegiate of our company would like to express our gratitude to the interpreters of Stannum Page Translation bureau for their can-do attitude, competence and remarkable professionalism.We were lucky to find our interpreting specialists, they are Stannum Page team!
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Shapovalov Andrey Alekseevich
Capital Projects Manager, NK-Krasnodarneftegaz JSC
Management of RN-Krasnodarneftegaz JSC strongly recommends Stannum Page Translation Bureau as a reliable business partner. Interpreters of the translation bureau showed high proficiency in languages, quick reaction, and high ability to cope with stress, savoir faire and ethicality, while executing oral translation on the construction sites of our company.
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Luganskaya Olga Alexandrovna
Agroindustrial HR-Manager, Bonduelle Kuban LLC
Management of our company highly appreciates your professionalism, commitment to work and excellent knowledge of technical terminology. It is a pleasure for us to collaborate with such competent interpreters, who are capable to interpret technical language quickly and with high accuracy. It is quite challenging and demanding process.

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Jordi Mitja Serra
Interpreters of “Stannum Page” Translation Bureau are intelligent and motivated. They exemplify their professionalism by being capable, hardworking and prompt. They not only accept constructive criticism but integrate the feedback into their everyday work.
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