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We work with specialized technical texts from various areas of business. Deep knowledge of specifics of these industries, ability to work with different formats, efficiency are our main advantages.



1800 symbols with spaces amounts to one standard translation page. Basic cost is defined by number of symbols and peculiar complexity of text.



On the average professional translator can do from 7 to 10 standard translation pages a day.


We don`t charge rush rates. Large volumes of text can be assigned to several translators.

We are the best choice, because:

  • We are proficient in written form of the target language
  • We have perfect knowledge in punctuation and spelling
  • We permanently improve our knowledge in terminology and follow the development of industries
  • We draw up specialized texts in a proper manner
  • We work with various formats
  • We use correct abbreviations and acronyms
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Solomakhin Sergey Trofimovich
Deputy Director General of KMUS-2 CJSC
Employees of Stannum Page have shown their ability to work with tight deadlines, to translate complex technical texts without extra charge for urgency and complexity. The task assigned by us was 100 % completed without mistakes and inaccuracies in the translation.
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Bisikalo Alexander Dmitrievich
Deputy Director General of MHI Russia LLC
Our company thanks the team of Stannum Page (IE Tanchuk Inna Albertovna) for their contribution to the work on our texts that requires a qualified translation. The Staff of this
translation bureau are distinguished by diligence, efficiency, readiness to undertake the most difficult tasks and successfully implement them.
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Sizhazhev Alybert Ruslanovich
Head of R&D department of Strabag CJSC
Strabag CJSC has cooperated with Stannum Page Translation Bureau since 2016 to translate complex format texts, with which the team of this bureau manages excellently.
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